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September 25, 2024 | LOS ANGELES

Agenda - Pacific Daylight Time

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Breakfast Briefing
Join a workshop-style discussion with fellow delegates, and collectively discuss the biggest opportunities and challenges you face today.



9:10 am - KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: Unlocking Real Estate Investing Success: Insights from Leading LPs

Get direct insights into the world’s largest LPs' views on real estate investing. Learn what they are prioritizing, where capital is flowing, and how you can stand out.

  • What Matters to LPs? Discover the top factors LPs focus on compared to previous evaluation periods.
  • Follow the Money: How much institutional capital is in sector-specific funds, and why?
  • Understanding Investor Metrics: What metrics do LPs care about most, and how do they vary across real estate sectors?
  • Standing Out in the Crowd: What strategies work best to attract LP attention and secure capital?


9:50 am - Case Study: TBC

10:10 am - INTERACTIVE PANEL: Navigating California's Real Estate Landscape: Key Strategies for Multifamily, Office, Hospitality & Retail Investors

Explore California's real estate landscape with industry leaders unveiling strategies to optimize multifamily investments, tap into office market trends, and leverage innovations in hospitality, retail, and mixed-use development. 

  • Maximizing Returns and Managing Distress in Multifamily Investments: How can value-add returns be optimized while handling distress and workouts in multifamily development deals? Are low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) and workforce housing still viable investment options?
  • Community and Affordability in Multifamily Real Estate: Why is investing in community and affordability crucial for multifamily real estate, given the 2025 housing forecast and recent legal developments affecting rent control laws?
  • Office Market Health and Rejuvenating Bank Lending: Which segments of the office market are still healthy, and what efforts are being made to rejuvenate bank lending? What factors are hindering equity investments in office properties?
  • Innovations and Disruptions in Hospitality, Retail, and Mixed-Use Development: What innovations are occurring in the hospitality and retail markets? How is mixed-use development being balanced in California amidst an industrial market surge? What challenges and opportunities are present in luxury multifamily development?



11:20 am - INTERACTIVE PANEL: Breaking Through: How to Secure Capital Amid Record Lows & Mega-Fund Dominance

Learn directly from industry experts as they share actionable strategies to secure capital in today's competitive landscape and discover how to thrive as a smaller fund amidst market giants, align fundraising strategies with economic trends, capitalize on distressed markets, and reignite lending activity. 

  • Surviving Mega-Fund Dominance: How can smaller funds compete in a market where a few giants attract nearly half of all capital commitments?
  • Economic Forecasting for Success: What economic trends should drive your fundraising strategy for 2025? Learn how to align with lender dynamics and seize the best lending opportunities.
  • Capitalizing on Market Distress: Amidst a surge in foreclosures, where are the untapped opportunities for growth and expansion?
  • Revitalizing Lending & Mobilizing Equity: What's holding back banks from lending, and when will equity get back in the game? Gain actionable insights to reignite lending activity and mobilize dormant equity.



12:00 pm - INTERACTIVE PANEL: Achieving Net-Zero: Unlocking the Power of Sustainability and Proptech in Commercial Real Estate

Learn how sustainability and proptech will reshape your CRE portfolio and help the industry achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. Gain actionable insights on regulatory shifts, investor priorities, and innovative strategies to drive sustainable development and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  • Investor Priorities & Regional Trends in Sustainability: Explore LPs' sustainability considerations and how they integrate these factors into their decision-making. Discover recent trends in sustainability demands across different CRE regions and sectors.
  • Impact of Evolving Regulations: How are evolving regulations on sustainability influencing real estate investment decisions, and what actions can you take to adapt to these changes?
  • Proptech & Decarbonization: How can proptech innovation accelerate real estate decarbonization efforts, and what challenges do you need to address in the process?




12:40pm - 1:40pm LUNCHEON WORKSHOP

Join a select group of your peers, to collectively discuss the most pressing issues facing the CRE sector today.

1:40 pm - INSIDER PERSPECTIVES: Keynote Fireside Interview featuring Justin Pattner & Farshad Morè

Join us for a 1x1 keynote fireside interview featuring Justin Pattner, Partner and Head of Real Estate Equity Americas at KKR, in conversation with Farshad Morè, Partner at Gibson Dunn. Get ready to delve into the minds of two seasoned industry leaders as they explore investment strategies, dissect market trends, and offer invaluable insights into the future landscape of real estate.


Join your peers for a series of lively and interactive discussions on the most pressing topics you are facing today. The small group format will enable you to make meaningful connections and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to shared challenges.


3:30 pm - INTERACTIVE PANEL: Future-Proofing Real Estate: Harnessing AI Beyond Data Analytics for Success

Gain insights into emerging AI applications beyond traditional data analytics, understand the transformative potential of AI in addressing real estate challenges, and explore the evolving landscape of global real estate investment facilitated by AI.

  • Addressing Housing Affordability & Sustainability: What are the most promising AI applications in CRE beyond data analytics, and how can they tackle housing affordability and sustainability challenges?
  • Enhancing Decision-Making & Tenant Experiences: How is AI enhancing decision-making processes and tenant experiences in CRE, and how can you use it to transform your own business?
  • Impact on Global Real Estate Investing: How will AI impact global real estate investing and deal flows, and what insights can you gain from successful AI implementations in CRE?